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What are you doing to keep your hair extensions and wigs looking fresh all day in 2019? Well, the results are in,and wignistas and hair extension enthusiasts alike have identified several tips as relates to caring for and maintaining their Hairs looking like new and ready to wear.
Most human hair extensions and wigs can last upwards of two years or more with proper care, but unfortunately, not everyone achieve the 24-month mark. Meanwhile, others can surpass the two years benchmark. What are they doing to achieve that? We have the answers for you. Here are ten human hair care hacks for beautiful, healthy and long-lasting extensions and wigs.
Protecting your human hair wigs and extensions from harm and prolonging their life expectancy is a top priority among extension enthusiasts and wignistas alike.

10 Reasons to Get Braided Wigs in 2019

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Braids are still regal and perhaps the reigning queen among favorite afro-centric hairstyles in 2019, but did you know that braided wigs are the next best thing for acquiring that regal look? Braid wigs are the latest sensation among hair enthusiasts looking to change up their style. Braid wigs are wigs that are comprised of braids rather than the usual straight, wavy or curly texture you are accustomed to seeing.
Curly human hair add dimension to your natural beauty and an excellent change of pace. Curly hair is fun, its liberating and a gal’s go-to for the lighter side of life. Unfortunately, not many people do the right thing to care for those curly tresses and sustain the llifespan of the hair. It's very important to know how to maintain Curly Human Hair Extension and Wigs
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