Human Hair Nigeria brings you all you need to know about your virgin human hair: Brazilian hair, peruvian hair, funmi hair, malaysian hair, indian hair and all other types of human hair. 

Indian Hair can be styled and processed just like the natural hair. Indian hair being a naturally straight hair will probably not hold curls as long

Know Your Mongolian Human Hair

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Mongolian hair comes from the Country, Mongolia. Mongolian hair is extremely rare due to a population of 2.6million people in the country. Mongolian hair is a cross between Chinese and Malaysian hair.

Top 10 Human Hair Trends in 2019

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Whether you are doing your Hair for the office, a night out, an event or a trip to the food store, the Hair trends in 2019 will allow you to continue to wear hairstyles that are versatile and adaptable for any environment. Here are the Top 10 Human Hair trends that women will rock in 2019.
What will the trending human hairstyles be in Nigeria in 2019? Nigerian women like women everywhere are looking to embrace new styles that are bold and edgy that will allow them to transcend the human hair wig and extension world without having to sacrifice their natural kinks, coils, and curls.
Your human hair closure choice just might make or break your hair extension installation! Yes, everyone may know that the hair you are wearing are not yours, but they do not have to look like it. Closures offer a fantastic option for completing the look,and they afford you an alternative for protecting your hair from the everyday trials and tribulations of heat to create a blending effect
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