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  • European Pissy or Pixie Curld Human Hair
    Virgin Hair

    European Pissy or Pixie Curls Human Hair Extension is a top grade 100% Virgin Human Hair Weave. It requires water for maintenance. Occasionally leave-in Conditioner with water. It is a  super luxury curly Double Drawn Hair Extension. It is 100% Virgin Funmi Hair Weave. It is top quality curly hair that has a rich shine and great texture. It last very...

    ₦ 33,000 ₦ 37,000 -₦ 4,000
  • Human Hair Nigeria Full Frontal - Straight Hair
    Virgin Hair

    Human Hair Nigeria Straight Hair Full Frontal is made of 100% Virgin Human Hairs. This Full Lace or Ear to Ear Closure is top quality to ensure you have that awesome look that can't be distinguished from your natural hair. It Lasts a minimum of 2 years. It does not shed nor tangle. 100% Quality Guaranteed Style: Straight Type: Human Hair Full Frontal No...

    ₦ 21,000 ₦ 25,000 -₦ 4,000
  • Human Hair Nigeria Virgin Closure

    Human Hair Nigeria Closure is made with 100% original virgin hair. It is a beautiful closure that real natural look. 100% authentic Human Hair Closure. Hair Type: Brazilian Virgin Closure Hair Style: Body Wave Length : 12 - 20 inches Does not tangle Does not shed No smell 100% quality guaranteed

    ₦ 8,000 ₦ 10,000 -₦ 2,000
  • Malaysian Silky Straight Human Hair
    Virgin Hair

    Malaysian Silky Straight is 100% Virgin Human Hair Weave. It is pure natural hair that is made with real human hair. It is top quality straight hair that has a rich lustre and great texture. It last very long, you can use it for than 3 years. Malaysian Silky Straight is easy to maintain. It does not shed nor tangle and has no smell. It is sure to give you...

    ₦ 55,000 ₦ 60,000 -₦ 5,000
  • Russian Bounce Double Drawn
    Virgin Hair

    Russian Bounce Double Drawn Hair is a super luxurious Hair. It is a luxurious Bouncy curls Hair that gives women fabulous look. Russian Bounce is 100% Funmi Virgin Curls. It lasts a lifetime if well maitained. It is easy to maintain. Occasionally treat with Leave-in Conditioner and water after using for awhile and the hair is dirty. It 100% authentic...

    ₦ 33,000 ₦ 37,000 -₦ 4,000
  • Wholesale Human Hair Middle Part Closure - Straight

    Human Hair Nigeria straight Middle Parts Closure is 100% Human hair closures. They are very full and have very good textures. The Closure is bleached already to match the scalp and therefore blend in naturally. These Straight Middle Part closures last long and can gbe reused multiple times.  N.B: The prices are wholesale. You must buy a minimum of 5 for...

    ₦ 9,000
  • Diamond Pixie Curls Double Drawn
    Virgin Hair

    Diamond Pixie Curls is a luxurious super double drawn human hair. This a special Bouncy Curls that is made with 100% Virgin Human Hair. Rocking this hair gives you gorgeousness assurance anywhere. Cause traffic jam anywhere you turn to with this luxurious and lovely hair. Diamond Pixie Curl has top-notch texture luxurios shine.  It is a very durable...

    ₦ 33,000 ₦ 37,000 -₦ 4,000
  • Human Hair Nigeria Middle Part Closure - Body Wave

    Human Hair Nigeria Middle Part or Centre part Closure is made with Virgin Hair. It ss 100% quality Body Wave Closure. It is very full and have very nice feel and look. It last more than 2 years. It is tangle-free and shed-free. The Closure knots are already bleached to match the scalp of your head and therefore blends in naturally. These closures last...

    ₦ 7,100 ₦ 10,100 -₦ 3,000
  • Moly Bouncy Curl Human Hair Extension

    Moly Bouncy Curl is a big twist Remy Hair. It is an affordable and cheap Twist Curl Human Hair Weave  Hair Type: Moly Twist Curl Hair Extension  Hair Style: Twist Curl Extension Length : 10" 12" 14" 16" Colour: 1b, 2 Weight: 300 gramsNOTE; This hair is no longer available. Visit for quality and Affordable Signature Human Hair 

    ₦ 14,000 ₦ 15,000 -₦ 1,000
  • Moroccan Argan Oil Elixir Silky Spray

    Moroccan Argan Oil Elixir Silky Spray detangles all types of Hair. It makes Hair very soft and restore natural shine. It protect Hair from thermal and UV rays and creates firm, smooth, shiny and ultra-moisturized hair. It also protects hair from environmental aggressions. Get your Hair sparkling with its fresh and delicate scent. 

    ₦ 2,400