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  • Curly Closure for Pissy Curls, Diamond Curls, etc
    Virgin Hair

    This Curly Closure is a Double Drawn Closure suitable for most of the funmi curls like Pixie Curls, Diamond Curls, etc. The Closure is 100% Virgin Human hair closure with illusion hairs which makes it look natural when fixed. The Closure knots are bleached to match your scalp and blend in naturally. The Pissy Closure last long and can be used many times. 

    ₦ 17,000 ₦ 19,000 -₦ 2,000
  • Funmi Bouncy Curl Extension
    Virgin Hair

    Funmi Bouncy Curls is a high quality Hair Extension. it is a pure virgin that gives you a classy look and make you stand out. The curls are bouncy curl virgin hair that is attention grabbing when you wear it. Maintenance is easy. Maintain with water. Occassionaly treat with Leave-in Conditioner. It is Double Drawn Hair. 6 bundles (full hair). 100% virgin...

    ₦ 32,000 ₦ 37,000 -₦ 5,000
  • Malaysian Body Wave Virgin Hair Extension - 300g
    Virgin Hair

    Peruvian Body Wave is 100% Real Human Hair extension. Malaysian Body Wave is a premium quality Virgin Hair Extension. It will give you great look that stands you out. It is luxury Hair that last very long. Like all of Humanhairnigeria Virgin Hairs, it last more than 2 years. It has great texture and lustre. 100% Quality Guaranteed Style: Body Wave Weight:...

    ₦ 55,000
  • Loose Curly Closure
    Virgin Hair

    This Loose Curly Closure is 100% Human hair closure. The Curly Closure has illusion hairs which makes it look natural when fixed. It is very full and have very good texture. The Closure knots are already bleached to match the scalp and therefore blend in naturally. These closures are durable and lasts more than 2 years. Colour: 1B(Natural Black)

    ₦ 10,000 ₦ 13,000 -₦ 3,000
  • Super Double Drawn Diamond Pixie Curls - Trending Pixie...
    Virgin Hair

    Diamond Pixie Curls is a luxury super double drawn curly human hair. Pixie Curl is 100% Virgin Human Hair that is trending in 2019. That's this Pixie Curls is the latest Pixie in vogue. It is a top-notch Bouncy Curls Hair that has super rich texture and shine. Our Diamond curls gives you that awesome look that commands attention anywhere you are. The hair...

    ₦ 35,000 ₦ 40,000 -₦ 5,000
  • Peruvian Straight Human Hair Extension 300g + Closure
    Virgin Hair

    Peruvian Straight Human Hair is Virgin Hair Extension. The Hair comes with a Closure for that fabulous natural look. This 100% Human Hair last more than 2 years.  100% Quality Guaranteed Style: Straight Hair Weight: 300g Grade: 10A Package: 3 bundles No shedding No tangling No smell No artificial fibres Pay on Delivery available. If you can return hair...

    ₦ 65,000
  • Peruvian Virgin Hair - Kinky Curl - 300g
    Virgin Hair

    This Hair is Peruvian Virgin Kinky Hair. It is 100% original Virgin Human Hair. It does not contain any animal or synthentic fibre. It is simply pure. It does not shed nor tangle. This Peruvian Kinky Curl last more that 2 years. Style: Kinky CurlWeight: 300gPackage: 3 bundles Grade: 11A No shedding No tangling No smellNo artificial fibresYou can return...

    ₦ 50,000
  • Funmi Romania Curl Virgin Hair
    Virgin Hair

    Funmi Romania Curl Hair is a top grade Virgin Hair. Funmi Romania Curls is made with 100% high quality authentic virgin hairs. It is Super Double Drawn Hair that give that classy look. It is tangle-free, shed-free and has no smell. It last more than 5 years when maintained. It is so easy to maintain. Maintenance is with water and brush. Occassionally...

    ₦ 55,000 ₦ 60,000 -₦ 5,000
  • Brazilian Virgin Hair - Loose Curl - 3 Bundles
    Virgin Hair

    The Hair 100% Brazilian Virgin Extension. It is original human hair that is very lovely. It is last for long time and can last more than two years. It does not tangle, does not shed and no smell. 100% Quality Guaranteed Style: Bohemian Curl Weight: 300g Grade: 10A Package: 3 bundles No shedding No tangling No smell No artificial fibres If you can return...

    ₦ 28,000 ₦ 35,000 -₦ 7,000
  • Russian Bounce Double Drawn
    Virgin Hair

    Russian Bouncy Curl is a super double drawn Human Hair Extension. Russiance Bounce is 100% Virgin Human Hair Extension. The Hair is a lovely Hair that you can't go wrong with. It has full bouncy curls. Russian Bounce has smooth texture and good luster. It last a lifetime. It does not shed nor tangle. It is super lovely. It is very easy to maintenance is...

    ₦ 45,000 ₦ 50,000 -₦ 5,000