• Funmi Romance Curl Hair Extension- 3 Bundles
    Virgin Hair

    Funmi Romance Curl is a top grage Virgin Human Hair. It's a luxury Human Hair for the clasy woman. The Hair is thoroughly made with the highest quality Virgin Hair. It is made with pure Human Hair and does not have any animal or synthetic fibre. It is very durable and can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Virgin Funmi romance curl extension...

    ₦ 53,000 ₦ 60,000 -₦ 7,000
  • Funmi Tip Curls Human Hair Extension
    Virgin Hair

    Funmi Tip Curl Human Hair Extension is a top quality Extension made from highest quality Virgin. It is very durable Hair and can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. The Funmi Tip Curls is very easy to maintain. Just wet very well with water and brush. Treat with Leave-in Conditioner after using for a while and it is dirty. Pay on Delivery. Type:...

    ₦ 30,000 ₦ 37,000 -₦ 7,000
  • Funmi Romania Curl Virgin Hair Extension
    Virgin Hair

    Funmi Romania Curls Extension Hair is a top grade Virgin Hair. Funmi Romania Curls is made with 100% high quality authentic virgin hairs. It is Super Double Drawn Hair that give that classy look. It is tangle-free, shed-free and has no smell. It last a lifetime when well maintained. It is so easy to maintain. Maintenance is with water and brush....

    ₦ 53,000 ₦ 60,000 -₦ 7,000
  • Funmi Bouncy Curls Human Hair Extension
    Virgin Hair

    Funmi Bouncy Curls Human Hair is a high quality Virgin Hair Extension. it is a premium and pure virgin that gives you a classy look and make you stand out. The curls are bouncy curl virgin hair that is attention grabbing when you wear it. It is maintenance is easy. Maintain with water. Occassionaly treat with Leave-in Conditioner. It is Double Drawn...

    ₦ 30,000 ₦ 37,000 -₦ 7,000
  • Funmi Curl Human Hair Extension - Funmi Curls Virgin...
    Virgin Hair

    Funmi Curls is a top quality Virgin Hair that was carefully made for amazing hair experience. It is 100% Virgin Human Hair that contains no synthetic or animal hairs. It is a bouncy curls for that wow look that will make you stand out from the crowd. It is luxury Hair that last very long. Like all our Virgin Hairs, the Brazilian Straight last more than 2...

    ₦ 29,000 ₦ 36,000 -₦ 7,000
  • Funmi Spring Curl Human Hair Extension - 200g Hair Bundles
    Virgin Hair

    Funmi Spring Curls is 100% Virgin Human Hair extension. Funmi Spring Curls is a double drawn hair. It is luxurious and bouncy extension to give that expensive awesome look. The hair is premium quality. It is very durable, it lasts a  lifetime. It is easy to maintain and it does not shed on tangle. 100% Quality Guaranteed Style: Spring Curl Weight:  200g...

    ₦ 29,000 ₦ 36,000 -₦ 7,000
  • Funmi French Curl Human Hair Extension, 200g of Hair...
    Virgin Hair

    Funmi French Curls is 100% Human Hair Weave that comes in 200g for the full fix. French Curls is a double drawn hair that is specially sourced. It is bouncy Curl hair to give a gorgeous look when worn. The hair is premium quality Virgin Hair and has a luxurious shine and texture. It is very durable, it lasts a lifetime. It is easy to maintain and it does...

    ₦ 29,000 ₦ 36,000 -₦ 7,000
  • Funmi Curls Virgin Hair Extension

    100% Funmi Curls is a Bouncy Human Hair Extension. It is an 100% Virgin Human that ensure you make the talk anytime you step. It is a super lovely. It does not tangle nor shed. It last a lifetime. Funmi Virgin Hair Extension has a lovely rich texture and lustre. 100% Quality Guaranteed Style: Bouncy Curls  Weight: 200g No shedding No tangling No smell No...

    ₦ 29,000 ₦ 36,000 -₦ 7,000
  • Funmi French Curly Human Hair Bundles
    Virgin Hair

    Funmi French Curly is a top luxury curly Double Drawn Human Hair Weave. The Hair Bundles are 100% Virgin Funmi Curly Hair Weaves. It is top quality curly hair that has a great lustre and great texture. It last very long, you can use it for a lifetime with good maintenance. The Funmi French Curls is easy to maintain. Wet very well with water and a brush....

    ₦ 53,000 ₦ 60,000 -₦ 7,000
  • Russian Bounce Double Drawn Virgin Human Hair Extension
    Virgin Hair

    Russian Bounce Double Drawn Human Hair Extension is a super luxurious Virgin Hair. It is a luxurious Bouncy curls Hair that gives women fabulous look. Russian Bounce is 100% Funmi Virgin Curls. It lasts a lifetime if well maitained. It is easy to maintain. Treat with Leave-in Conditioner, Shampoo and water after using at least once a Month. It 100%...

    ₦ 30,000 ₦ 37,000 -₦ 7,000


Human Hair Nigeria the best brand for real human hairs in Nigeria. I'm glad I found this company. And they have never disappointed. - Amara . O , Anambra.

I'm happy to have been doing business with www.humanhairnigeria.com.ng for the past 4 years. Best quality always. - Christine. U., Lagos.

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    We deliver to all states in Nigeria within 24 Hours. We also ship to other Countries Worldwide within 3 Business Days. With our express delivery system, you can be rest assured that your hair will be delivered to your doorstep within a blink of an eye. 

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    With Human Hair Nigeria's 24 hours 7 Days a Week support, we are always available to all your needs anytime of the day. Call us on +2348147650072 or click here to Whatsapp us 07059735747

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    We make shopping for your desired Human Hair convienient and fast for you by making it easy for you to have access to thousands of Human Hair products and also allowing you to make order with any device you choose to use anywhere and any time. You can make order on your Deskstop, Laptop, Tablets, Smartphones or any internet enabled Device you choose to shop with. You can also shop on the Humanhairnigeria Android and iOS App.

Humanhairnigeria - HUMAN HAIR NIGERIA

Human Hair Nigeria is Nigeria's Largest and No.1 Online Store for 100% human hair of all types. Humanhairnigeria is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. We are Nigeria's premier online store which enables Ladies from all walks of life have access to a wide range of premium Human Hair Extensions, Closures, Frontals, Wigs and other related products at affordable prices from their comfort of their Homes or Offices. Since 2014, Humanhairnigeria has helped thousands of Women both within Nigeria and all over the World have access to high quality and original Human Hair Extensions and  Wigs which are classified as Affordable Luxury and Affordable Extensions and Wigs. Over the years, we have serviced Thousasnd of Customers in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, United States of America USA, United Kingdom UK, France, Canada, Italy, Germany, Australia, Cyprus, Malaysia, e.t.c. We have an unflinching reputation both locally and internationally for credibility, quality, authenticity, fast delivery, affordability and great customer support.

Here is a guide to help you nagivate humanhairnigeria.com.ng and get quick access to the particular product you are shopping for and place your order:

Brazilian Hair: The Brazilian Hair category contains different types of Brazilian Hairs. Our Brazilian Hair products includes styles of different kinds like straight, wavy, curly, etc. These Hairs pure human hairs and are very durable. No tangling, no smell and no shedding.

Peruvian Hair: This category have a catalogue of our different Peruvian Human Hairs. The Hairs in this category are virgin Human Hairs. They are 100% Human Hairs and they are very durable. They do not shed, tangle nor have smell.

Malaysian Hair : This Category contains Malaysian Hair extensions of all kinds. The Hairs in the Malaysian Hair Category are 100% Virgin Human Hairs. They last very long and do not have any issues of shedding or tangling and no smell.

Funmi Curls: The Funmi Curls category contains special Human Hairs. They are 100% Virgin Human Hairs. Virtually all the products in this category are (super) double drawn hairs and most of them are bouncy hairs. They are high grade Human Hairs, have awesome texture and so are more expensive than other products here. They last long and do not shed nor tangle and they do not smell. Note that these hairs are not affiliated with the Funmi Hair Brand.

Cheap Human Hair: The Cheap Human Hair category contains affordable Human Hairs which are far less pricey compared to the Virgin Hairs. They are Remy and non-remy hairs that give you almost the same gorgeousness and feel like the Virgin Hairs but may not last like them. Simply; they are Human hairs that let you have same celebrity look and feel at cheap prices.

Closures and Frontals: This category enable you shop for all types of Human Hair Closures and Frontals. It has 4x4 (regular) Closure, 13X4 Closures (Full Frontal) or Ear to Ear Closures, 360 Closure (Frontal). Whether it Straight Closure, Wavy Closure or Curly Closure of any kind; you get them here. All the Closures and Frontals are 100% Virgin Hair.

Human Hair Wigs: The Human Hair Wigs category contains all types and grades of Human Hair Wigs. It contains Virgin Human Hair Wigs. The Virgin Wigs are more expensive compared to their affordable Wigs category. There are different types of Wigs which includes Straight Wigs, Wavy Wigs and Curly Wigs of all styles.

Affordable Human Hair Wigs: This category contains Wigs that are very affordable. They are Remy and Non-Remy types of Wigs which are cheap to allow you slay even on a budget. They are quality Human Hair Wigs too.

Promo Hairs: The promo hairs category usually contains some of our human hairs that are promo. It could sometimes contain some of our featured hairs. They 100% Virgin Hair.

Colored Hairs: The selected hairs category contains some featured Human Hairs which are most times colored Human Hairs. So if you are shopping for color Human Hair or Blonde Hair, this is the place to see them and place your order. They are 100% Virgin Human Hairs. They do not shed nor tangle and no smell.

If you didn't see the hair you were looking to buy, call us on 08147650072 or 07059735747 to place a custom order for any hair you want. You can also click here to chat us up on Whatsapp 07059735747 to place your order. Our Address is 43, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos.