All you need to know about Mongolian Hair Extensions and Weaves

Virgin hair is a term synonymous with premium weave. The fast growing trend is to tag the hair type with the country from which it originates such as Brazilian hair which originates from Brazil, Indian hair from India, Peruvian hair from Peru and Mongolian hair from Mongolia but to mention a few.Pick a country and you can be certain that in the very least hair extensions are being either exported or imported or both as a matter of fact

Mongolia is located in East- central Asia. It borders Russia, china and Kazakhstan. Mongolian hair comes from the poor Mongolian women, who sell their hair for a profit. Mongolian hair is extremely rare due to a population of 2.6million people in the country. Mongolian hair is a cross between Chinese and Malaysian hair. The hair is thinner than and not as coarse as Chinese hair, but not as soft as Malaysian hair. The hair is soft and shiny and comes in a range of different colors beyond the browns to the light blonde’s as well as different styles, straight and wavy. The range of style such as straight to wavy makes the hair extremely versatile. The Mongolian hair is quite expensive due to its rarity compared to other virgin hair extensions.